Great Steps 4NF Walks

Everybody needs to have some fun sometime and our Great Steps 4NF Walks are fun ALL the time!

Great Steps 4NF

Join the NF community and participate in a Great Steps 4NF™ Walk! They’re really more like Rallies!

The goal is to raise funds and awareness, while building community and showing our passion for the cause and one another.

Our teams work all year sharing their stories for the cause while raising funds and awareness. To do this most teams create a personal fundraising page and spread the word through social media. Some teams have “do it yourself” events that also raise funds and especially raise awareness because they bring their story out into the public. Learn about DIY events and how you can really step forward for the cause and raise for your Great Steps team.

Great Steps 4NF events exist because of someone like you! Many Great Steps participants travel hundreds of miles to attend a Neurofibromatosis Walk! If you can’t make it, consider holding your own Great Steps 4NF Walk!

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Note: Great Steps 4NF is trademarked and registered to NF Midwest. No use is allowed without the express permission of NF Midwest.


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