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Camp New Friends 2020

Going Virtual July 20-24th

Camp New Friends (NF) 2020 Will Be Virtual – UPDATE (6/23/20) with Registration cut-off

UPDATE:  PLEASE BE ADVISED OUR CUT-OFF FOR REGISTRATIONS IS JULY 6!!!!  This date is the last date for registration information to be submitted to allow time to ship out the t-shirt and supplies from Brainy Camp.

Hello everyone! We hope you are doing well in your home environments as we are complying with the various stay at home orders as we deal with the CoVid 19 pandemic. This situation is impacting folks world-wide as we figure out how to accomplish everything from how we can thrive as individuals yet stay home all the way up to major events being conducted virtually. Things are starting to open but will be done in fits and starts and it appears this will continue to be in case into the summer and fall. Our friends at Brainy Camps are some of those working hard to ensure their camps will still occur and be the best that they can be for the participants.

NF Merchandise store; neurofibromatosisCamp New Friends will go on but it will look different than what we are used to seeing. One really big development is that it will be done VIRTUALLY and your camper can attend from the comfort of your own home! Camp New Friends will run from July 20-24 and will encompass many of the usual activities of the in-person camp experience. Of course, our camp is geared to our condition-specific needs but we do have a tentative daily schedule of events, please see below:

Each day will begin and end with a Zoom session for all campers followed by multiple, smaller, breakout sessions. These sessions will be offered throughout the day where campers can choose from a variety of activities (i.e., crafts, yoga, scavenger hunt, games, etc.).  They also will have the opportunity to participate in support groups to promote CBT skills, mindfulness, insight and reflection, and address their worries, hopes and fears.  Educational sessions with our medical experts will teach campers about their conditions and allow them to ask questions.   Campers will also meet together in “bunks” with their assigned counselors and bunkmates to create a feeling of unity and connection.  Virtual lunch with their bunks and counselor(s) will be offered.  Every evening, campers will participate in camp-wide virtual group activities like a “campfire” sing-along and storytelling, talent show (campers and medical staff), and dance party.

Tuition will be $200 and will serve to help cover the costs of t-shirts and supplies which will be mailed in advance to the campers, internet connections for Zoom and salaries for the full time counselors who are helping to create this new environment and who will also lead activities and lead break-out sessions.

NF Midwest will pay for $100 of the $200 fee. Also, we will send a $25 gift card to every child from our NF region who actively participates – this means attending approximately 75% of the time.


Here is the proposed Daily Schedule, which is subject to change. Times listed are adjusted to CDT:

9:00 a – Morning Meet-up

9:30 a – First Activity

11:30 a – Bunk Brunch

1:00 p – Second Activity

2:00 p – Cabin/Chat Room; Support Groups

3:00 p – GO OUTSIDE

6:00 p – Evening Activity



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